CodeSmith - Strongly-typed ArrayList collection for VB.NET

I’ve completed the conversion for the ArrayList.cst and IList.cst C# source files distributed with CodeSmith to VB.NET (all 2752 lines of it ;-) ). Assuming I don’t have any conversion bugs left it in (I’ve done some testing and it’s working great for my purposes). My goal was to keep the translation as close as possible to the original C# source, however, I discovered that the original code was not generating FxCop compliant code. I’ve made a few improvements in this regard (only two messages instead of the five that the C# code has).

You can download the templates here.

If you run into any problems (or if you make improvements to the templates), please let me know.

UPDATE: Thanks to Brian Manchester for pointing out a bug in the ToArray method. This has been corrected and the available download reflects this change.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.