Solitaire (written in VB.NET)

I’ve finished working through the existing issues list for the C# version (available GotDotNet) for bugs and missing features. I’ve implemented the missing features in my VB.NET version (although, they may not be feature complete due to the .NET Frameworks limited functionality in the help system arena). I’ve also compiled it with some of my “enhanced” features enabled. The only bugs I didn’t work on were ones that I was unable to reproduce.

Here’s a quick list of some differences:

  • Added XP Visual Styles support.
  • Added persistent storage (code is capable of using Windows logo compliant storage or Isolated storage)
  • Fixed: When less than three cards remaining on the left and then clicking to see them, some cards from below in the pile show through.
  • Added context help on the dialogs and integration with the associated Windows help files (Not sure if this will work on Windows 98 or not).
  • Added checking the minimum size to the main window.
  • Added persisting location and size of the main window.

So what does this mean? Well, I suppose it’s time for me to release the code into the wild.

Just keep in mind that I’ve only spent two nights on the coding and I spent an hour or so getting the help system integrated. I’ve made a pretty good attempt at refactoring the code so that it looks and feels like VB.NET, so be kind if you find areas that I missed. ;-)

I am interested in continue to improve this. Like stated previously, I think this will make an excellent application to demo coding techniques when I’m doing presentations at user group meetings. I also think there’s an opportunity to extend it by turning it into a “smart client”. I have a few ideas in this area and will continue moving forward. As such, I’m not abandoning it and would appreciate any feedback, whether it be improvements to the code or reporting “bugs”.

What I do ask is that you don’t put this code for download elsewhere, let here be the source for the VB.NET version and, if you do want to contribute, just send me what you’ve done. I’ll be happy to incorporate it within the code base.

So, without further ado…

  • Download Executable (zipfile)
  • Download Source (zipfile)

UPDATE: Please go to the Solitaire (GitHub) for this project for downloads.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.